Orcades Marine – Worldwide Marine Consultants

Mission: To deliver professional, impartial services to our clients  built on a robust foundation of experience and professional credibility.

Vision: Forward thinking and innovative approach both as a partner and leader in the marine and maritime ecosystem in its transition into the future.

Value: To build strong sustainable growth with a dynamic and close-knitted team, preserving values of tolerance, respect, personal and social responsibility.

Our Management System

The Company Health and Safety and Quality Management system is robust and all work carried out is in accordance with our Safety and Environmental Policy and Safety Management System – the Company is accredited to ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 quality and safety standards. We are rigorous in the continuous development of safety standards and project documentation and are leaders in best industry practise.

Where do we work?

Based in the Orkney Isles we are equally at home working worldwide and have significant experience working in difficult environments both political and geographic. Most recently we have worked on notable projects in the remotest parts of Indonesia, and in Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Oman, the Philippines and Singapore. We have covered most countries in Europe and worked in the America’s

We have established a branch office in Singapore and created Orcades Marine Asia Pte Ltd specifically to provide support to the SE Asian region.