marine assurance

What is Marine Assurance?


Marine Assurance with Orcades Marine

Our specialist consultants provide marine assurance services to the Oil and Chemical trades and have built their expertise in senior management roles in tanker shipping companies or oil and gas terminals backed by extensive practical sea going experience in Command. Typically they are qualified as Category 1 Sire inspectors for Oil, Gas and Chemical vessels and hold a Lead Auditors qualification for ISM, ISPS and ISO Management systems. We also have extensive experience of carrying out Management Reviews across the industry spectrum from large multi-national shipping companies to smaller specialist operators, covering all types of vessel from tankers, to dry bulk, multipurpose, tugs and offshore vessels. Our capability extends to Tanker Management Self Assessment (TMSA) Auditing, taking the lead auditor role on behalf of various Oil Majors and other marine industry bodies worldwide.

Why Marine Assurance with Orcades?

When hiring an organization for marine assurance you must be able to trust and depend on them.  With Orcades Marine Management Consultants you never have to worry. With our decades of experience in the industry and team of experts, we will provide you the highest quality marine assurance services with no stress.

The goal of our marine consultants in the UK is the prevention of project downtime, which can be the result of poor planning and project management. Our organization is based off of an innovative free thinking approach. We are completely unbiased towards the use of any particular type of vessel or methodology.

We have a comprehensive team of experts that specialize in different disciplines across the industry. Most importantly, We treat your project or assignment with the same care as if it is our own.