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Marine Consultancy Services

Marine Consultants are experts and leaders in the marine industry, harnessing their expertise and best practices to deliver results to their clients. With years of experience, marine consultants have the ability to assist your company with project management, auditing and assessments, logistics and operations issues and a plethora of other services for the marine industry in Europe.

We understand that bringing a marine consultancy into your European organization is not an easy decision.  There is a lot to consider and any marine consultants in Europe must be able to collaborate well with your team and organization. We also know that you have many options to find the best marine consultants in Europe to work with your company. We realize that you are looking for the following in a marine consultancy:

  • Deep knowledge of the marine industry and many years of experience
  • Reputable background with a diverse selection of clients and projects completed successfully
  • Consultants that will instill confidence and trust in your employees and organization
  • Economical and practical decisions made with your organizations best interest in mind

Orcades Marine has offered marine consultancy services in Europe for decades and we can help your organization with any issues it may be facing.

Your Marine Consultancy in Europe

Orcades Marine is your premier marine consultancy company in Europe. We specialize in marine renewables, ship management, offshore operations, and ports and harbour logistics. Our organization differentiates itself by fostering our company ethos in all our marine consultants in Europe. Our team provides decades of experience to all of our European clients with new innovation and new ideas to meticulous planning.

We give robust risk management, reliability in delivery, transparency in action and endeavour to build trust and confidence with our Clients. Treating your project or assignment with the same care as if it is our own, Orcades Marine will align with your organizations goals and values.

Our Clients in Europe

Based in Europe, Orcades Marine has an extensive background working with European organizations and with regional issues. Our marine consultants have had many clients in Europe, including:

  • Aquatera
  • EMEC
  • Portland Port
  • Milford Haven Port Authority
  • And many more

Read some of our European clients comments and recommendations here.

Ideally Located to Serve You in Europe

Orcades Marine is located in Kirkwall, Orkney. There are direct links to and from the mainland by air and sea. Please call +44 (0) 1856 874 884.