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Marine Consultancy Services

Marine Consultants are experienced experts and thought leaders in the marine field, sharing their knowledge and skills to create positive change in their client organizations. With a deep wealth of experience, marine consultants can assist your marine organization with project management issues, auditing and various assessments, logistics and operations concerns and a diverse offering of other services for the North American marine industry.

Bringing a marine consultancy into your North American organization is not an easy decision and we understand that.  You must think about many important factors and  the ability to collaborate well with your team is of utmost importance to your North American organization. We know that you have a lot of choice in marine consultants in North America. When choosing a marine consultancy we know that you are looking for the following:

  • Comprehensive and advanced knowledge of the marine industry and the issues your organization faces
  • Highly regarded background with many projects completed successfully and deliverables met
  • A consultancy that will boost confidence and assurance with your employees and stakeholders
  • A decision making process that takes your organizations values and goals into consideration

Orcades Marine has a reputable background of offering marine consultancy services in North America for decades and we can help your organization with issues that you may be facing today.

Your Marine Consultancy in North America

Orcades Marine is a high performing marine consultancy in North America. Our services include marine renewables, ship management, offshore operations, and ports and harbour logistics. Our company ethos is embedded in all of the work our marine consultants do in North America. Our dedicated team provides many years of experience to all of our North American clients with new innovative ideas, strategic planning and more.

Trust and confidence is important to our clients and we build this through robust risk management, reliability in delivery and transparency in action. Your projects and assignments will be treated as if they are our own and Orcades Marine will ensure that our strategies align with your organizations goals and values.

Our Clients in North America

Orcades Marine has an extensive background working with North American organizations and with region specific issues. Our marine consultants have had many North American clients.

Read some of our clients comments and recommendations here.

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