Orcades support for second Schottel Hydro Installation in SE Asia

At the end of last year Schottel Hydro sold a Schottel Instream Turbine (SIT) 250 to a Singapore based company Envirotek (www.envirotek.sg). This is now the second SIT in South East Asian waters after the deployment in West Papua, Indonesia. Last week, the supporting catamaran and turbine was installed off Sentosa island in Singapore. The work was carried out in collaboration with Nanyang Technological University’s Energy Research Institute (www.ntu.edu.sg) using LitaOcean as the local shipyard, a Singapore-based innovation company OceanPixel Pte Ltd, handling suitability analytics and project management and Aquatera supervising the tow test/deployment/marine operations, advised and supported by Orcades Marine who also carried out the Tow Warranty Approval.