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Third Party Verification for Marine Renewables

In the marine renewable energy sector Third Party Verification (TPV) is loosely defined as a report that certifies the integrity of the structural design and foundation for the particular conditions expected at the location of installation. Orcades Marine has developed and put into action an enhanced Third-Party Verification service “360 TPV”, specifically aimed at the marine and offshore renewables market.  The “360 TPV” approach brings a progressive, added value dimension to Third Party Verification, learning lessons from the last 20 years of TPV practise. “360 TPV” is a holistic approach to readiness assurance covering engineering design, manufacture, mooring capacity, marine operations, locational suitability, operability, regulatory and license compliance, as well as cost effectiveness and investability, and can also be combined with insurance warranty requirements to be even more effective.  By taking such a broad-based analysis the system overcomes the shortcomings that may arise through more narrowly specified assurance processes.