David has harnessed many years of technical and practical operational experience in the Maritime and Ports Industry. David has wide ranging knowledge of the requirements of the marine renewable energy sector both from a developer perspective and through the provision of due diligence and third party verification for regulators and insurers, and has worked in the tough wave and tidal environments since the beginning of the industry in Scotland expanding to worldwide operations in South East Asia and elsewhere. Complementary to this he has a broad knowledge base gained in senior roles at sea, and as a marine consultant and ship surveyor. He has also held key roles in port management, port operations, and the development of port infrastructure in the determination of the design of new port infrastructure in several locations. He is a Master Mariner and a qualified Marine Surveyor. He has project managed and worked on a variety of maritime operations and construction projects including the installation of tide and wave marine renewable devices, specialised towage and salvage operations. He has the practical experience in senior operational management roles and has had command of a variety of ships including dynamically positioned offshore construction and diving vessels, and tugs.