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Erlend is a senior consultant with more than 12 years’ experience as a Workboat Master and DPO, with a wide range of knowledge in marine operations. He has specialized in the renewable sector of wind, tidal and wave power notably working on an interesting tidal concept harnessing the sea’s natural power in low flow tidal areas. He has worked on many Offshore Windfarms around Europe, gaining experience of construction and maintenance over the last decade. He also has experience in anchor handling, towage, salvage and supporting the Oil and Gas industry. He has been involved in several civils projects such as the construction of the Queensferry Crossing and most recently the Hinkley Point in the Bristol Channel.  He has worked in the Aquaculture industry both directly running farms as a Supervisor and indirectly installing and maintaining moorings. He also has experience of Wellboat operations, including delivery of smolts, grading, splitting and harvesting fish. Prior to his Maritime career he was in the Armed Forces, gaining an Apprenticeship in Engineering.