Frank is a senior marine consultant with Orcades Marine. He is a Master Mariner with a wide career in marine operations spanning 38 years. He is a Warranty Approved Tow Master, having moved Semi Submersibles, FPSO and Jack Up type drilling units in various locations in the world i.e North Sea, Europe, Mediterranean Sea, Caspian Sea, West Africa, Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia and India, with over 130 rig moves to date. Towage of floating wind turbines is another sector Frank has been part of.

He also carries out suitability inspections on vessels and MODU’s, being a full member of SOMWS-Society of Marine Warranty Surveyors.

Frank has worked as Client Rep and Marine Warranty Surveyor for major  Oil and Gas projects and also in the renewable industry with tidal and wave devices.

He has also worked ashore as a Marine Superintendent composing rig move procedures / various scopes of work for offshore projects and working efficiently as a team member within the marine team.

Frank is keen to continue being   involved as a marine consultant to promote the up and coming renewable projects within the Orkney Islands and any  other geographical areas of new development.