Marine Consultant in the Netherlands

As marine consultants in the Netherlands, our team consists of industry experts with the knowledge and experience necessary to help your marine business reach its potential and expand its operations.

Marine consultants play a crucial role in this industry by offering guidance on all sectors including marine renewables, shipping and ports. They are also an integral part of marine construction projects, including shipyards, ports, terminals, and jetties. More recently, they have played a role in energy efficiency and environmental standards, offering solutions for green energy, air and water quality improvements. Marine consultants offer suggestions to the shipping industry, including dos and don’ts for business growth.

Some of the services provided by marine consultants include:

  • Ship management, technical and operational management including ship delivery of ferries and passenger ships, tugs, container ships, and general cargo ships
  • Ship brokering services for sales, purchases, and charter parties
  • Study and analysis of business problems encountered and recommendations for workable solutions
  • Education of staff on means of integrating new strategies and resolving industry-related problems
  • Creation of strategies, in joint effort with clients, to meet targets and plan management tasks
  • Assistance in regulatory compliance, vessel management systems, and optimization of terminal services
  • Consultation on port and terminal design and construction
  • Consultation on port operation management and control
  • Cost estimates for ship repair or refits
  • Predictions for open water performance
  • Stability analysis

Marine consultants are often hired at the start of a new project or business and are involved in fixing and improving the workings of their client. Marine consultants will have up-to-date information regarding the economic aspects of the industry. Their invaluable insights can help determine whether a maritime operation will be successful or not.

Some ways that a marine consultant helps in port development include:

  • Suggesting marketing strategies for ports seeking to expand into new areas such as cruise ships, ferries, or container ships
  • Providing cost estimates for new construction, operating costs, and life cycle costs
  • Offering ship berthing analysis
  • Helping to generate financial models that generate revenue
  • Predicting market finances to determine appropriate pricing
  • Preparing promotional information
  • Preparing Request for Proposal (RFP)
  • Providing market assessment, research and assessment, and freight planning
  • Delivering vessel surveys and valuations

At Orcades Marine, we offer the knowledge and experience you need to help your business expand and to make your projects a success. We want to be your marine consultants in the Netherlands and will provide guidance on how to approach industry-related issues and develop new strategies to ensure that your business and all your projects achieve the greatest possible success.

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