Marine Renewable Energy in Norfolk VA

The environment has been a topic of concern for many years now, with green energy alternatives becoming more widely sought after. As the nations of the world struggle to reach net-zero emissions, there is a growing need for innovation and the creation of new renewables, as well as for developing existing technologies.

Marine renewable energy is installed and operated at sea, requiring offshore grid and distribution systems. Movement is energy. This means that waves, river currents, and tides around the world are all sources of kinetic and potential energy that can be harnessed to drive turbines. Power may even be produced from the difference in salinity and temperature occurring in bodies of water.

Our experience allows us to support various areas of renewable energy, including solar, wave and tidal energy, and clean shipping solutions. This energy will remain renewable for as long as rivers run and tides strike the shore.

Offshore Wind Energy

Offshore wind farms are constructed in bodies of water to harness wind energy for the creation of energy more efficiently than their land-bound counterparts. Worldwide, wind power capacity was 35.3 gigawatt (GW) at the end of 2020. Costs for offshore wind power has traditionally been higher than onshore, but that is changing rapidly. To date most offshore wind farms have wind turbine towers which are fixed to the seabed but now developments are moving offshore wind further offshore to deeper water where floating wind turbines are installed on moorings which pose a greater challenge and need for greater maritime expertise 

Wave Energy

Wave energy is a relatively new technology that captures the energy of ocean surface waves. Because wave energy is typically installed in areas that mariners avoid due to their hostile environment, developers face the difficulty of proving not only its financial viability, but the durability of the technology and installation. This makes wave energy a challenging option to pursue, requiring multi-discipline marine and engineering experience to accurately assess technical concepts related to the project.

Tidal Energy

Wave energy uses the kinetic force of waves to use energy. Tidal energy, however, relies on the rise and fall of sea level caused by the gravitational pull of the sun and moon. A more predictable energy source than wave energy, it makes use of known and proven technology employed in the creation of offshore wind, making it a highly viable option for the future.

Our professional team has the experience necessary for the integration of renewable resources and offers support throughout every stage of your project from feasibility to development, engineering, construction, operations, maintenance, and even end of life.

As growth in marine renewable energy continues, we offer the experience and dedication to make your project a success, providing you with design and development solutions to ensure superior performance and the highest levels of efficiency.

Contact Orcades Marine for any questions regarding Marine Renewable Energy in Norfolk. We Marine Project Management and Installation among other services for Marine Renewables.

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