New Pilot Boat for Orkney

The new pilot boat “Scapa Pathfinder”, built for Orkney Islands Council (OIC) Marine Services, arrived today in Orkney after a smooth delivery trip from the Armon shipyard in Navia, Northern Spain. Orcades Marine were initially contracted to put together the specification based on the existing pilot boat the “John Rae” (delivered in 2010) but with “green” credentials meeting Tier III low emissions requirements. Orcades Marine consultants then provided superintendency and supervision of the build during the 14 month construction period and sea trials.

The “Scapa Pathfinder” arriving at Scapa with the “John Rae” escorting
Pilot Boat “Scapa Pathfinder”
Safely alongside, the Armon shipyard delivery crew and OIC Marine Services Pilot Boat Coxwain who accompanied them on the delivery trip home