Ship Survey in Norfolk, VA

Our team of senior and specialist surveyors consists of eCMID accredited surveyors, marine warranty surveyors, OCIMF SIRE inspectors, and expert witnesses that can provide you with rapid, comprehensive reporting in Norfolk, VA, even on short notice.

Ship surveys are completed for various reasons, including when buying a used vessel. Not often needed for a new vessel, they are usually essential for used ones. This is largely because lenders will not finance a used boat unless it has been surveyed, and many insurance companies will not insure a used ship that has not been surveyed. Additionally, used boats are quite often prone to issues that will only be visible to professionals. Surveys are helpful in determining the actual value of a vessel, as they reveal items needing repair or replacement.

IMO Surveys

Among the IMO surveys conducted are:

  • Design of ship survey
  • Register of ship survey
  • New ship building survey
  • In-water diving survey for class
  • Inspection/testing for technical and safety machines, devices, materials and equipment
  • Certificate for the carrier under ISM codes and regulations

Shipping Surveys

Shipping surveys are conducted to verify the condition and value of a vessel and her cargo. This can be for financial, insurance, or purchasing information but is also done to confirm compliance with regulation requirements. Some of the surveys that may be performed include:

  • Hull Survey. This examines the structure of the vessel and consists of both a dry-dock hull survey and in-water diving survey/underwater hull survey to examine submerged areas of the ship.
  • Seaworthiness Survey. This is used to determine the condition of a vessel, whether new or old, to establish if it is fit to navigate at sea.
  • Machinery Survey. Examines the condition of the ship’s engine.
  • Other. Apart from the above, surveys include draft survey, loading/unloading survey, lashing survey, crane survey, tally survey, bunker survey, cargo holds survey, and more.ship survey

Insurance Survey (Protection & Indemnity, Underwriter claim)

Protection and indemnity insurance provides the policyholder with protection against personal injury, illness, and death claims. It also covers collision, property damage pollution, environmental damage, and the removal of wrecks. Some included elements:

  • Incident and damage surveys to assess the extent of damage suffered and the cause of loss
  • Loss prevention survey
  • Ship condition survey
  • Towing survey and approval
  • Claim survey (cargo, hull, and machinery surveys)

Trust your ship surveys to our experienced surveyors who will provide the high-quality service you seek with personal attention to detail.

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