Successful TPV for the Mocean Blue X device

Orcades Marine provided the Third-Party Verification (TPV) service for the Mocean Blue X wave device. The scope of work for the Third-Party Verification included the review of the device’s structural integrity and mooring design and moorings and mooring component inspection. The Mocean Blue X wave device by Mocean Energy was successfully installed onto its moorings at the EMEC wave site in Scapa Flow, Orkney on 11th June 2021. The Blue X is a 20-metre long, 38 tonne wave device that captures wave energy through a hinged mechanism to produce clean energy. The device will be deployed at the EMEC Billia Croo wave site during the summer months where it will be put through its paces in more rigorous full sea conditions.

We were glad to have been given this opportunity to be involved with this project and are committed to supporting other organisations to verify their green energy designs towards a net zero carbon emissions goal. We would also like to extend a job well done to Leask Marine who undertook the towing operation from Kirkwall to the deployment site in Scapa Flow.


Image credit: Colin Keldie